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Henson's Heroes is a year round endeavor... kids aren't just hospitalized on Christmas ! (click on photo to enlarge photos)

" A Child Shall Lead Them."
Isaiah 11:1-10

Whether we are hosting golf tournaments, speaking at grand openings, or doing our own foot to pavement hard work we are always spreading the word about Henson's Heroes. Kids are not just in the hospital at Christmas. They spend birthdays, Easter, 4th of July, Valentines Day and many other special occasions at CMH. We want to provide them the joy to celebrate those occasions just like they are at home. Sometimes healing a heart is just the medicine for healing a body.


Henson’s Heroes is run solely by volunteers, 100% of proceeds are donated, and as a 501(c)(3), all contributions made to Henson’s Heroes are deductible under section 170 of Internal Revenue Code.

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