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Henson’s Heroes was started in October of 2012 by two neurosurgery patients of Children’s Mercy Hospital. Raegan, diagnosed with a brain tumor, spent over a month in the hospital during the Christmas season. While there, her family watched as Caleb was recovering from his own brain malformation surgeries and cerebral spinal fluid issues, which are still ongoing today. Caleb’s family brought hope and strength to Raegan’s before they had ever met. The following summer these two special children were brought together and Henson’s Heroes was born.


Caleb and Raegan’s mission is to help make kids happy while they are in the hospital facing scary medical situations. “We want them to know someone cares. We want them to know we care.” Holidays, birthdays, and other significant milestones are to be celebrated regardless of where you are sleeping. Unfortunately, some children find themselves spending these special days hospitalized. Raegan and Caleb know all too well what that is like. With the help of the staff and Children’s Mercy Hospital, Henson’s Heroes provides more than just toys. Donating undergarments for children in the burn unit, meals for the staff on Christmas, balloons for the patients on Valentine’s Day, and Easter baskets, etc…. Henson’s Heroes helps to recognize milestones all year long.


Henson’s Heroes is run solely by volunteers, 100% of proceeds are donated, and as a 501(c)(3),

all contributions made to Henson’s Heroes are deductible under section 170 of Internal Revenue Code.

Not all Superheroes Wear a CAPE

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